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8th Operational Excellence in Clinical Trials Summit | Toronto Canada

25-26 September 2024
You should not miss this annual opportunity if you are - Chiefs, Directors, Heads, Senior Manager, Leaders and Executives from:
  • Clinical Operations

  • Clinical Developments/Research

  • Clinical Trials/ Program/ Clinical Project/Operations

  • Study and Feasibility Management

  • Medical Operations/Monitoring Operations

  • International Clinical Research

  • Patient Recruitment & Retention

  • Medical Affairs/ Medical Advisors/ MSL

  • Data Management

  • Compliance and Regulatory

  • Patient Enrolment/ Patient Advocacy/ Patient Executive

  • Therapeutic Lead

  • Study Lead/ Study Delivery/ Study Director/PI

  • Clinical Site Management

  • Digital/Medical Technologies

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  • Get engaged with the professionals from leading industries

  • 20+ Keynote Sessions

  • 5+ Workshop sessions

  • Round Table Discussions – Brain storming

  • Panel Discussions – Interact Directly with the Panellists to raise your challenges

  • More than 10 Case Studies presenting by the top experts from across the industry

  • 13+ hours Networking Opportunity

  • Benchmarking Opportunities

  • One-to-one interactions

  • Tea/Coffee Breaks, Social Events and Cocktail Reception

  • .…and much more!

Opportunity to meet top expert and decision makers from Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices, Clinical Sites and CROs industry under one Roof



The OECT Summit is the go-to event for professionals eager to explore new opportunities and innovative performance strategies. Addressing major challenges in study feasibility and patient recruitment & retention, this summit is crucial for clinical researchers, project managers, and operations managers. Expect insights that impact timelines, budgets, CRA talent rejuvenation, partnerships, and the scientific integrity of trials.

Discover how factors affecting patient recruitment are driving the development of innovative methods. Learn about the transformative power of 'Big Data Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making' in clinical trials. Embrace the latest technologies, including AI, remote/virtual trials, decentralized trials, connected health, and digitalization. These tools and strategies will help engage patients early, ensure feasibility, accelerate site selection, and effectively reach patients.

Explore the growing importance of patient advocacy groups and social service agencies in recruiting and retaining patients. Sessions will delve into maximizing these approaches while meeting regulatory obligations.

Don't miss our OECT Summit editions in Canada and the USA!

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KP Morgan specializes in clinical trials, SFE, commercial excellence and Healthcare innovation events, hosting events in various locations such as Canada, USA, Europe and Dubai.

KP-Morgan Conferences have provided platforms for debate across many industry sectors including: Telecommunication, banking & financial services, retail and FMCG, investments, pharmaceuticals, IT, chemical & petro chemical.

Many argue that the innovation process cannot be managed because innovation is supposed to be about creativity and cannot be predicted. We believe in KP-Morgan that Innovation is not only about being creative and inventive; innovation is a collaborative process where ideas are taken and managed through to value-adding market introduction.

The consistent high quality of our events has given rise to a reputation for excellence, ensuring that KP-Morgan conferences provide the most fertile ground for participants to gain up-to-the-minute market intelligence and invaluable opportunities to network and generate new business.

About KP-Morgan Group



Keynote Presentation, Interactive Discussions, Case Studies, Brain Storming and Round Table Discussions

Study Feasibility & Site Management
  • Design Tools to effectively plan, manage and track your clinical study portfolio

  • How to optimize digital tools to enhance operations?

  • How to optimizing resource allocation to maximize ROI?

  • Solution to unmet clinical trial needs: Investigators perspective

  • Evolution of data science in data management

  • Data driven decision making

  • Leveraging RWD for Clinical Research

  • Vendor Oversight & relationship in Clinical operations

  • Data Management: Integrating diverse data sources efficiently in quality and time manner

  • From NCR to iPADs: CRA of the Future

  • Engaging Sites and investigators: Optimizing Study Design

  • How to improve site relationship

  • Optimize CT: Optimize CT operations and boost performance 

  • Future Trends in Study Feasibility and Site Management

  • Complex Regulatory Environment: Diversified Market Challenges

  • Data Management and Integration

  • How to gain actionable insights and improve decision-making processes?

  • Investigator Motivation in Clinical Trials and how it affects enrollment in studies

  • Complex of SOPs & eConsent

  • Changing Roles of Clinical Project Leaders

  • Communication barriers in CROs, Sponsors & Sites: Key to successful partnership

  • Let's Make it work: Time, Quality, Budget & Rare Disease!

  • Leadership, Coaching and Motivating 

  • Managing Site Performance and how to motivate site staff?

  • How to use patient insights at early stage of a drug development? 

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Patient Recruitment & Retention 

  • What is the future of innovative medicines development?

  • Despite digital acceleration, how to remain Patient centric

  • Bridging the two worlds, Clinical and Medical: key to enabling stakeholders at all levels

  • The challenging path to patient centricy: breaking down silos to achieve the ultimate goal

  • Trends in Medical Devices industry: Driving growth

  • Holistic approach to patient recruitment: Case Study

  • Data Driven Approaches to Enhancing Retention

  • The Role of Technology(mobile apps etc) in Enhancing Patient Retention

  • Retention Strategies in Long-Run Clinical Trials 

  • Re-defining Patient Value Transformation

  • Patient Experience & Compliance: opposing forces?

  • Drivers and Barriers for Patient Engagement  

  • Touch Points in a Patient’s Journey

  • How Pharma Companies Can Partner with Patients for Better Patient Experience?

  • Data Science as key pillars to patient recruitment

  • Using patient insights for feasibility excellence

  • Cross Functional KPIs

  • Diversity & Inclusion - Demonstrating Patient Insights at early drug development 

  • Understanding technology advancement at patient level

  • Rethinking the path to enrolment: Planning and Recruitment 

Clinical Innovation, AI, & Technology Trends 

  • How to harness innovations in digital engagement, AI and machines learning

  • Integrating AI and Machine Learning in Clinical Decision Making

  • Human behaviour Vs Technologies

  • Digital Transformation and Technology Adoption

  • How technologies advancing the clinical trials

  • Scaling Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) Globally

  • Differentiation of various aspects of AI e.g. Gen AI and Analytical AI 

  • Data & Technology role in the overall ecosystem  

  • The Future of Clinical Innovation

  • AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare

  • Exploring strategies to protect patient data while leveraging digital tools in clinical trials

  • How to innovate and improve patient experience

  • Bridging the Digital Divide: Enhancing Patient Engagement and Accessibility 

Dr. Chardae Rodgers-Gamble

Chardae Linkedin.jpeg


Jackson Taylor Therapeutics

Marlise Benz 

marlise benz.jpg

Senior Director, Study Management, Late Development Oncology Clinical Operations


Nick (Domenico) Palumbo


Director, Feasibility and Study Start-up at Takeda (Oncology)


Natalee Crowley

Natalee Crowley.jpg

National Operations Lead, Oncology/C&GT


 Vatche Bartekian


President and Founder

Vantage BioTrials

Meghana Sunny

Meghana Sunny.jfif

Senior Manager, Subject Recruitment and Retention


 Carrie Lahti


Clinical Research Consultant


Gerald Minuk


Profesor Emeritus

Co-Founder |Refuah Solutions Ltd.

Kimberly Brown 

Kimberly Brown.jpg

Former Head Clinical Operations at Jazzpharma 


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Well known industry leader and emerging talents



  • One Entry Pass to in-person Two days conference

  • Conference Material

  • Business Lunch

  • Tea and snacks

  • Cocktail Reception

  • Two Entry Passes to Two days conference and pre-conference workshop

  • One complimentary pass

  • Business Lunch

  • Tea and snacks

  • Cocktail Reception

  • One Entry Pass to in-person Two days conference

  • Two-night Accommodation

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • Conference Material

  • Business Lunch

  • Tea and snacks

  • Cocktail Reception


Hyatt Place Toronto/Mississauga Centre


Got a question?


Telephone: +12675156114

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